Valuable timely alerts

To prove that you care about your customers and make them more loyal

What Advis is

Your customers are tired of generic newsletters, ads, and social media. Advis offers a radically different approach for staying in touch.

Instead of reminding your customers about yourself, remind your customers that you care about them.

And not simply remind - prove it! With valuable timely alerts.


Advis benefits


Higher lifetime value

As your customers become more reluctant to abandon your services, they stay with you for a longer time. This results in higher total earnings per customer over time.


Higher business growth

When your customers receive valuable timely alerts, they share them with those who trust them most, like family and friends. This drives new customers to your company.


Higher brand loyalty

After you have proven that you care about your customers on multiple occasions with Advis alerts, your customers attach more positive associations to your company and its brand.

How Advis works

Advis is fully automatic, simple, and, yet, quite powerful.

Advis monitors and detects with advanced algorithms the small changes that affect our life, and sends timely alerts on your organization's behalf to those customers who might be affected by these changes.

Electricity or gas prices rise unexpectedly? A traffic accident is blocking a major road or a tunnel is suddenly closed? High UV-index, low air quality, or weather related warnings? We’re on it. Every time a dramatic change is about to happen, Advis uses this opportunity to remind your customers that you got their back covered by sending them an alert.

Electricity is up! No shower between 7 AM and 9 AM, or at 8 PM - you save €2.30

Gas prices up next three days! Fill up your tank today - you save €6.35 on full tank.

Opera Tunnel is closed! Go through city Ring 1, or use another alternative.

Advis sends alerts as SMS messages, with your organization's name shown as the sender. SMS is received by any phone, no internet or third-party apps required. There is 98% of chance that your customers will actually open and read your alert.

Naturally, Advis is 100% GDPR compliant.

Starting on Advis

After you sign up with Advis, you select the type of alerts that you want your customers to receive.

Your customers receive their first Advis alert, with an option to adjust their preferences.

You're all set! Your customers now receive valuable timely alerts under your company's name.

Advis alerts feature

Electricity prices

Gasoline prices

Traffic conditions

Weather alerts

UV index

Air quality

CO2 intensity

Feedback and surveys

Other customizable alerts

Advis is perfect for


News media

To demonstrate that your news bring practical value to your subscribers.


Banks and pension funds

To prove that you are there for your clients when it comes to wise management of their money.


Insurance firms

To show that your clients' future is in reliable hands.


Housing associations

To manifest that your neighborhood is the right place to live and raise children.


Retail cooperatives

To stay in touch with your members when they don't shop.


Anyone community-oriented

To strengthen ties with your employees, professional and other interest groups members.


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